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BAR Type Remote Controller

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General Specification

General Specification
Frequency range 100 ~ 900MHz (2.4GHz)
RF Unit Microprocessor controlled PLL synthesizer with up to 8 selectable frequency
RF Strength 10mW standard
Modulation FM
CH, Spacing 12.5KHz
Typical Range Approx. 100 meters with standard antenna
Address 16-bit(65,536)
Temperature range -25℃ ~ 70℃
Humidity range 0 ~ 97%
Response time Approx. 120msec
Baud rate 2400bps


Housing material PC + ABS
Environmental protection IP65
Battery AA x 2EA
Operating time Approx. 20 hours
(when use continuously)
Weight Less than 230g (without battery)
Operating time 650 hours (normal operating)
Switch 4~8-Push button switchs
Power switch
Emergency switch
Display Power, Battery, Frequency
Size 67 x 210 x 28


Housing material ABS
Environmental protection IP65
Weight Less than 900g
Power 100 ~ 230Vac
12 ~ 30Vdc
Current draw < 0.2A (No load)
Relay capacity 30Vdc / 10A, 250Vac / 5A
Display Power & Communication status
Size 185 x 185 x 102