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BAR Type Remote Controller

• Contactless power & emergency switch (Patent registration)
• 6 Digit LCD display
• Non-slip and bump grip
• Key lighting, soft and high-sensitivity touch button
• USB Recharge
• Internal Li-ION battery (1,200 ~ 1,400 mAh)
• Bi-direction or Uni-direction RF communication

General Specification

Frequency range 160 ~ 900MHz (2.4GHz, option)
RF Unit Microprocessor controlled PLL synthesizer
RF Power strength output 10mW standard
CH, Spacing 12.5KHz
Communication Range Approx. 100 meters with standard antenna
ID Address 65,536
Operating Temperature -25℃ ~ +70℃
Storage Temperature -30℃ ~ +80℃
Control response time Less than 100msec
Communication Baud rate 2400bps


Housing material PC
Environmental protection IP65
Battery 3.7V / 1,400mA (Li-ion)
Operating time Approx. 20 hours
(when use continuously)
Weight Less than 244g (including battery)
Operating time 600 hours (normal operating)
Switch 8 Push button switch
14 two-step Push button switch
Power switch / Emergency switch
Display LCD Display (Power, Channel, Status, etc.)
Size 60 x 194 x 37 (mm)


Housing material ABS
Environmental protection IP65
Weight Less than 900g
Input power supply 12 ~ 30Vdc
Current draw < 0.2A (No load)
Relay capacity 30Vdc / 10A
Display Power & Communication status
Size 185 x 185 x 102 (mm)

Battery Charger

Charging time 2 hours
Charging current max 2A