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Agricultural machine

Agricultural machine

Agricultural machines mean all machines involved in agriculture including
machines directly involved in grains, vegetables, fruits, livestock, controlled
agriculture etc. and machines involved in processing after production.
There are various types like agricultural tractor, sowing machine, rice-planting
machine, transplanter and wrapping machine according to purposes.

In the past, a person controlled vehicle and machine by riding, but at present,
with various technologies developed, all functions of machine and driving a
vehicle can be controlled by a remote control displayed outside,
and it provides service to enable a large size of field to be operated comfortably.

ATECH Co., Ltd. offers service in the method that all parts of vehicle and machine are controlled with one remote control by applying experiences in various areas and self-developed technology, and continues to approach a new area through reasonable price by using self-developed and manufactured parts and providing fast and swift A/S service.

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