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Crane, which was devised from a lift, is the 1st devised machine among machines
and was used for moving heavy things.  At present, with the scope of use enlarged,
it has been improving gradually through diversification such as tower crane, ceiling
crane, jib crane, top crane and cable crane and enlargement and recently, to prevent
collision, communication with an operator has become smooth through control by
remote control.

ATECH Co., Ltd. offers service to enable all manipulations to be done with convenient
wireless remote control for safe and fast operation through customized production fit
for the type and driving system of cranes customers have.

ATECH Co., Ltd. offers service in the method that all manipulations are controlled with
one wireless remote control outside such as self-control through oil pressure,
motor-control using electric power and unmanned crane manipulation etc. by real-time display through various experiences in heavy equipment and self-developed purely domestic technology.In addition, it is highly competitive in the industry by offering reasonable price through self-developed and manufactured various parts and providing fast and swift A/S service.

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