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Fire truck

Fire truck

In the beginning, fire truck was a type of vehicle manufactured to spray water
to contain fire.  However, to contain a fire in high-rise and large buildings and
at night, recently, it has made progress through continuous improvements
by applying a boom pole using oil pressure like concrete pump car and being
able to spray at high floor above 50m, and to contain a fire at night and identify
the precise location to spray water, new technologies like incorporating
lighting control with real-time display etc. continue to be applied.

ATECH Co., Ltd. offers a solution identifying the precise location easily from
the ground and containing a fire fast and swift without casualties through
manipulating a boom pole when spraying at high floor by incorporating wireless remote control with real-time display function based on experiences in various areas including heavy equipment.

In addition, it offers service in the method that all matters related to vehicle and spraying water are controlled with one wireless remote control by applying technology devised from various, and has secured a dominant position in the industry through reasonable price by applying self-developed and manufactured parts and fast A/S service operation

In addition, it is highly competitive in the industry through providing various parts self-developed and manufactured.

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Fire truck remote control