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Concrete pump car

Concrete pump car

Concrete pump car, usually called as “pump car”, is a machine with pump and pipeline
to cast a large amount of concreter or at high location in case of construction of various
buildings.  The pump car market in which skyscrapers beyond high-rise buildings are
usual continues to grow.

ATECH Co., Ltd. provides a wireless remote-control system service based on a lot of
experiences and continues to make improvements through delivery experiences to
overseas pump car manufacturers as well as 3 main domestic companies.

ATECH Co., Ltd. produces remote-control for placing boom and pump as well as
remote-control for pump car through purely domestically developed technology and
continues to make a progress in our areas through providing customers with convenient,
swift, reasonable and precise A/S and part sales.

In addition, ATECH Co., Ltd. makes continuous efforts to secure global competitiveness by developing and delivering an overturn prevention program (OSS, ES-110T) etc. which automatically detects and adjusts against car overturn transcending a remote-control system.

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